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Playing around in a digital sandbox: The Animatrix

With the news that the sequel/reboot of The Matrix is due for a December release this year, it seems it’s time to revisit an old favourite again. The Matrix was my first introduction to cyberpunk as a genre, and The Animatrix , my first introduction to the anime short format of which Meikyû Monogatari , Robot Carnival and Memories are exemplary. So, eighteen years after this short collection was released, how does it hold up? ‘Beyond’, ‘A Detective Story’ and ‘Program’ are the real gems in this collection, with ‘Matriculated’ being really close behind them in the running. The others (‘Final Flight of the Osiris’, ‘A Kid’s Story’) were certainly not bad, but in many cases appear auxiliary to their source material in a way that hampers what they are trying to say; while ‘World Record’ just felt like a rehash of ‘The Running Man’. The only one that feels really insulting to the intelligence is ‘The Second Renaissance’, a pretentious, preachy, poststructuralist, petit-bourgeois pi

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