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Karma and consanguinity: Laughing Target

So… here we have the last of the Shogakukan OVA one-shots based on the Rumic World manga: Laughing Target . This is probably the first of Takahashi Rumiko’s animated works that I actually watched – again, courtesy of Four Star Video in Madison, when I was twelve or thirteen years old. It was released in 1987, just one month before Wicked City , and it represents Takahashi Rumiko’s first foray into supernatural horror and urban fantasy. It is also one of Takahashi’s darker, more ‘serious’ works; apart from a bit of the banter between Yuzuru and Satomi, there is very little of the Queen of Manga’s signature rom-com humour in this story. Watching it again now, I wondered how it would hold up against my memory. Laughing Target is the story of two cousins of the dying Shiga clan, Yuzuru and Azusa, who were betrothed to each other by Azusa’s mother when they were children. After Azusa’s mother suffered a mysterious demise, Yuzuru’s father invited Azusa to come to live with them. Althou

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