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Angela, alienation, Avengers, anime and the alt-right

I recently got into an online argument on social media with David Armstrong (Catholic blogger at Pop Culture & Theology ) that wound up going full-length on his blog Perennial Digression . This happened because I made a post (consciously and ironically referencing Futurama ) to the effect that ‘superhero movies are bad and you should feel bad’. This post ended up sprawling out in all sorts of directions that, given the nature of my friends group, wound up going off in eddies around high Christology and Church history. But the actual root of my original complaint against superhero movies and comic book culture in general was not in fact Christological (until Armstrong himself made it so, by suggesting that by disliking superhero movies I was in danger of apostasy from Christendom by rejecting messianism tout court ). I was in fact motivated by certain broader cultural concerns that I have been thinking about for some time. My one major complaint against the Marvel movies specif

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