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Replying to Esn + Vampires / Masters of Geon (1991-2)

One of my major difficulties that comes with running a blog, speaking personally, is that I tend to let things fall off the map when I have other projects or other works in progress, or when I just hit a writer’s block and feel that I haven’t got much more interesting to say. One of these works in progress these past two years has been a master’s degree, which I’m basically taking in the evenings on top of my full-time job. Thus there hasn’t been a lot of time except very recently to review stuff that’s been on my SFnal / pop-cultural docket. Unfortunately, this has also meant missing out on a lot of very thoughtful and insightful commentary from one blog commentator, Esn , who left a number of really interesting comments here last summer. Esn appears to be affiliated with the truly excellent web resource (now hotlinked in my sidebar), which provides Russian and Soviet animations in high quality with English-language subtitles. Though it may be too late to strike

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